• LobiSTIL Oak Flame Spitz Spirit



  • LobiAGE Oak natural oiled



  • LobiTEC Mediterran



  • LobiSTIL Oak Santner Spitz Spirit



  • Porcelain stoneware



  • LobiTEC Kontinental



  • Stoneware LKS Sand and STK Ardesia



  • LobiSTIL Esh Olive Pogled Spirit



  • LobiSTIL Swiss Elm Kronberg Spirit



  • Large-format oak parquet



  • LobiTEC Mediterran



  • Large-format stoneware



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    LobiART Eiche Muffin Spirit



  • LobiSTONE



  • LobiSTONE



  • LobiSTONE



  • Carpet



  • LobiSTONE



  • LobiSTONE



  • LobiSTONE



  • LobiSTONE



South Tyrol: A treasure characterized by tradition and innovation

South Tyrol is a land of contrasts: a country where the Italian and Austrian cultures collide and mingle. The region combines the best of both cultures: peasant earthiness flavored with Mediterranean charm are the ingredients that constitute the South Tyrolian lifestyle reflect in our products. The South Tyrolian artisanship impresses due to its unique design “Made in South Tyrol”. The products are mostly handmade and their producers value the use of natural materials such as wood. The Alpine and Mediterranean way of life, but also the old customs and habits of different cultures merge with great velocity developing into something new and special. Similar to the South Tyrolian culture, our products are strong and unique in character. They are an expression of a culturally influenced society and therefore appear on the one hand innovative and novel, and on the other hand traditional and classic.

Lobis Floors - Ich steh drauf!

As an growing South Tyrolean enterprise, founded in 2006 by Paul Lobis, we have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers innovative products and services that are characterized by innovation, design and progress. Our creativity allows us to express the individuality of our customers and thus provide added value. As a dependable supplier with a passion both for detail and for local products, we aim to ensure our customers are both happy and content. Our employees are always on hand with advice and help even upon completion of the project. We fulfil wishes and create solutions that correspond to our commitment to quality, service and reliability. Thus, we make our client’s dreams come true.

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