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Information Security and Health Protection

Every employee has to improve security and health protection through individual goals. All collaborators have the common responsibility for occupational safety in their corresponding sectors. They are obligated to adhere strictly to technical measures for occupational safety and health. 

Our goal is to avoid accidents and work-related diseases by improving preventing and protective measures through occupational safety as well as through the management system and its capabilities.

Therefore we pledge ourselves,

  • To ensure safe and secure working conditions
  • To avoid and eliminate hazards and risks 
  • To analyse accidents, near accidents and dangerous situations to derivate appropriate corrective actions
  • To comply with technical measures for occupational safety and health above the minimum and to safeguard the compliance of them by our employees
  • To make use of available management tools such as recognition and critique
  • To discuss breaches of safety regulations, to analyse their cause and to exhort our collaborators to change their behaviour
  • To discuss safety and occupational health and to foster a safety culture, to inform and include employees and to mind their security conscious behaviour at rounds of inspections
  • To familiarize collaborators with technical measures for occupational safety and health and to secure their business-related application
  • To warrant necessary technical, organisational, financial and personal requirements for safety and health protection
  • To invest time into safety and health protection
  • To ensure a safety conscious behavior by being a personal example


We dedicate special attention to the gateway between human being and technology in our training programs about security and health protection. Sources and hazards are investigated systematically and eliminated by corresponding measurements.