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Wood, Lobis, floor, forest, wood floor, South Tyrol

A piece of nature at your feet!

The design of our floors is timeless. The raw material wood assigns a special touch to both traditional rooms as well as contemporary living environments. We fully rely on the creativity of nature and give her free rein to burgeon.

Noble grades of different types of wood boost the daily well-being. Due to the use of natural materials, free of formaldehyde and solvents, you are investing a sustainable, biologically perfect habitat.

Enjoy natural luxury every day: a design worth seeing, feeling and smelling.

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Nature: an exceptional artist

Every tree, every piece of wood is exemplary and virtuoso. Thus, each floorboard becomes a small piece of art that will give you a feeling of home. Our wood floors join the creative power of nature with the technical expertise of Lobis creating an idyll of unparalleled beauty.

Innovation through creativity. Different colours and innovative design solutions play together and assign your room a unique and distinctive character. Our wooden floors enhance the individual nature of the rooms, making them something distinctive and unique.

Forest, Lobis, floors, wood floors, South Tyrol