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A piece of nature at your feet!

The design of our floors is timeless. The raw material wood assigns a special touch to both traditional rooms as well as contemporary living environments. We fully rely on the creativity of nature and give her free rein to burgeon.

Noble grades of different types of wood boost the daily well-being. Due to the use of natural materials, free of formaldehyde and solvents, you are investing a sustainable, biologically perfect habitat.

Enjoy natural luxury every day: a design worth seeing, feeling and smelling.

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Nature: an exceptional artist

Every tree, every piece of wood is exemplary and virtuoso. Thus, each floorboard becomes a small piece of art that will give you a feeling of home. Our wood floors join the creative power of nature with the technical expertise of Lobis creating an idyll of unparalleled beauty.

Innovation through creativity. Different colours and innovative design solutions play together and assign your room a unique and distinctive character. Our wooden floors enhance the individual nature of the rooms, making them something distinctive and unique.

The specialist

  • Individual overall solutions for indoors and out
    We can assist in the selection of the right flooring and produce individual overall solutions to meet your requirements, preferences and budget. We lay floors both indoors and outdoors, for example on terraces and we further realize aesthetically appealing wall coverings and ceiling paneling.
  • Fully trained, local staff
    After selecting your flooring, we will deliver it to you and our locally recruited employees will lay it in a professional and clean manner.
  • Perfect care
    Our employees will inform you about caring for your flooring and give you valuable tips on keeping your floor in optimum condition. We will also be pleased to provide advice on the various products available. 
  • Customer care and service
    We also provide assistance following completion of the work and, if you have any further questions, we will be pleased to help. Continuous further training means we are always up to date with the latest floor-laying techniques, as your needs are our priority.


You can trust the professional expertise of Lobis.

Lobis, wood floors, wood, tiles, porcelain stoneware

Experience the high-quality world of floors

Floors to see, smell and touch

All of our flooring types and our latest developments and innovations are permanently available for visitors to our showrooms.

In our Showroom “Wood-Chalet”, you can have a look at our self-developed products. While LobiSTIL natural wood floorboards are a byword for individuality and meet the highest requirements in terms of design, LobiART country-house floorboards add a natural element to each living area.

If want to enjoy nature in an outdoor environment, this is the right place: Our LobiTEC terrace system extends your living space to the garden creating thus your personal oasis of well-being.

Lobis, tiles, porcelain stoneware, stoneware, stone

A floor for every space

Alongside the wooden flooring we produce, we also offer an extensive range of Italian tile, stoneware and natural stone flooring in our Stone Lounge. Besides our classics, you will find countless versions of refined floors. Rounding off our offer, our skilled staff can literally lay the finest flooring at your feet. Our friendly and professional consultants are looking forward to your visit and will gladly assist you in the selection of the ideal floor. They will also provide you with tips on how to properly care for your floor and familiarize you with our LobiCARE product range. Our showrooms in the Kampill Center in Bolzano are open for you from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 18.30 pm. and wednesday to 21.00 pm., as well as on Saturday by appointment.

Lobis, Showroom, Design, herringbone parquet, wood floors, tiles, porcelain stoneware


The Showroom Design Loft was inspired by British industrial design and the New York artists' apartments of the 1940s. It is ideal for presenting a creation using the contemporary wooden flooring of the LobiAGE Exclusive line and the classic LobiAGE herringbone parquet as well as large-format stoneware. Visit us in our showrooms and learn more about our products - we looking forward to seeing you.

Showroom Auer, Lahnweg 7/A

Islands of peace

In our showroom in Auer you will find a selection of elegant and high-quality floors for outdoor and indoor use. The different "islands" open up new horizons, encourage you to let your thoughts wander and express your and our ideas of comfortable living.

Lobis, floors, wood, tiles, outdoor, indoor
Lobis, floors, wood, tiles, outdoor, indoor
Lobis, floors, wood, tiles, outdoor, indoor
Lobis, floors, wood, tiles, outdoor, indoor
Lobis, floors, wood, tiles, outdoor, indoor
Lobis, floors, wood, tiles, outdoor, indoor