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Ich steh drauf!


Customer orientation

Our products and services are designed to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations, which we constantly strive to anticipate, understand and satisfy. As a dependable supplier with a passion both for detail and for local products, we aim to ensure our customers are both happy and content. We fulfil wishes and create solutions that correspond to our commitment to quality, service and reliability. Our creativity allows us to express the individuality of our customers and thus provide added value.


Collaborators and Trust

Trust in our employees has been a foundation stone of our organizational culture from the outset and forms the very basis of our success. Each member of staff is consistently assigned particular responsibilities: in return we expect that everyone acts in a responsible, target-oriented manner. In order to ensure that this continues in future we place great importance on employee training and development in various areas. We trust in each individual’s capacity to work in a competent, solid way, marked by modesty, mutual confidence and the encouragement of team spirit.

It is of great importance to the executive board to maintain a personal and cooperative contact to our collaborators and to offer a secure and bespoke work environment: to boost motivation and to warrant identification.

With great attention on qualification also in the range of occupational safety as well as daily business meetings we inform our employees regularly on running projects to ensure efficient execution and high productivity. 



As a family company, we feel an obligation towards the well-being and personal development of our employees. We both live and demand understanding and respect in our interactions. We provide a culturally and socially diverse working sphere and enable everyone to deploy their abilities to help increase our skills set, and thus benefit our enterprise. We value long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners and we engage with our fellow humans in social matters, promoting cultural and sporting activities with various local associations and events.


External Providers (Stakeholders, Subcontractors)

First of all, it is our mission to guarantee for deliveries on schedule and flawless quality at reasonable prices. Incoming goods is documented clearly and precisely, especially at our building lots. In addition, it is of great importance tob e up to date with newest information and related technologies. 



As a growing enterprise with South Tyrolean roots, we offer our customers products and services that are characterised by innovation, design, change and progress. Our own-brand products successfully set market trends, both locally and further afield. Constant innovation and evolution in all areas of our enterprise are decisive factors in our long-term success: we therefore promote continuous development while endeavoring to reward the initiative, creativity and performance of each individual employee.




We are committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable building and we wish to meet our social responsibilities in all areas and locations. We attach great importance to the care and safety of our employees and products. We also set high standards with regard to personal behavior, with the need for correctness, friendliness and respect among ourselves as well as in relation to business partners and the public.




We attach great importance to order and cleanliness in all areas of our enterprise. We believe it is very important for everyone to be clean and tidy in their particular area. This is intended to ensure constant recognition in areas such as showrooms, production/storage areas and on construction sites, thus offering the customer a promise of quality.




Before any start of construction, we settle all the interventions with the neighbors of the building lots to throw light on eventual noise pollution or interference with their privacy and to ensure frictionless construction sequences. To contribute to smooth executions, we keep fair and cooperative relationships with our neighbors around our factory premise. We promote cultural and sportive activities of all kinds of local clubs and events.




With efficient price calculation and high productive working processes, we give our best to be a strong player on the market and to be competitive accordingly. In addition, we expect individual responsibility by all of our collaborators to secure permanent improvement at the base of quality, processing and organization of our business. Every employee must take responsibility in the implementation of the business mission and the fulfillment of legal requirements.



Risk Management

The entrepreneurs engage themselves with risk management to introduce measures for the systematical detection, analysis, evaluation and controlling of all kinds of hazards and chances to limit eventual risks and to enable business goals. This is a further instrument to aspire improvements in the business.



Security and Health Protection

Every employee has to improve security and health protection through individual goals. All collaborators have the common responsibility for occupational safety in their corresponding sectors. They are obligated to adhere strictly to technical measures for occupational safety and health. 


Our goal is to avoid accidents and work-related diseases by improving preventing and protective measures through occupational safety as well as through the management system and its capabilities.

Therefore we pledge ourselves,

  • To ensure safe and secure working conditions
  • To avoid and eliminate hazards and risks 
  • To analyse accidents, near accidents and dangerous situations to derivate appropriate corrective actions
  • To comply with technical measures for occupational safety and health above the minimum and to safeguard the compliance of them by our employees
  • To make use of available management tools such as recognition and critique
  • To discuss breaches of safety regulations, to analyse their cause and to exhort our collaborators to change their behaviour
  • To discuss safety and occupational health and to foster a safety culture, to inform and include employees and to mind their security conscious behaviour at rounds of inspections
  • To familiarize collaborators with technical measures for occupational safety and health and to secure their business-related application
  • To warrant necessary technical, organisational, financial and personal requirements for safety and health protection
  • To invest time into safety and health protection
  • To ensure a safety conscious behavior by being a personal example


We dedicate special attention to the gateway between human being and technology in our training programs about security and health protection. Sources and hazards are investigated systematically and eliminated by corresponding measurements.