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LobiART, oak, nougat Spirit, wood floor, country-house style
Oak Nougat Spirit

Timeless beauty

The country-house floorboards with charme

LobiART country-house floorboards are particularly attractive on account of their generous spatial effect: the individual grain of the raw wood used is ideal for this purpose. The many different surface treatments make LobiART extremely versatile and suitable for every dwelling.

Country-house flooring, Oak, Cappuccino, wood floor
Oak Cappuccino Spirit

The constant that always fits

Irrespective of how often or extensively you want to modify the style of your home, a LobiART natural wood floor will always be a perfect fit. The timeless Italian design and alpine quality of LobiART country-house floorboards make them a match for every ambience, from apartments in old city buildings and historic farmhouses to stylish restaurants and modern lofts.

Country-house flooring, Oak, Nougat, wood floor
Oak Nougat Spirit

The perfect blend of elegance and rusticity

The natural element wood, whose warmth and comfort exerts a special fascination on mankind, has always been the epitome of living culture. Our LobiART country house fl oorboards impress due to an expressive visual effect and timeless elegance. Harmonious colour nuances, different ranges and surface treatments make our country house floorboards special. Whether refi ned or rustic; whether natural, white or cream oiled; whether in an exquisite dark brown or in a choice of light browns, in our LobiART product line you will definitely find the right floorboards for your home.

Country-house flooring, oak, Muffin, wood floor
Oak Muffin Pure


Country-house floorboards are not just beautiful to look at: they also offer excellent stability and longevity. Depending upon the depth of the top layer, the flooring can be sanded off several times and will thus not need replacing for many years. The multilayer structure of country-house floorboards also makes them ideal for use with under-floor heating.