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Acustic solution

LobiSILENT - The acoustic solution

Patented product innovation 2018


Noise and bad acoustics are often nerve-wracking, cause stress, lack of concentration and therefore have a negative effect on our general well-being. LobiSILENT is an innovative solution, which combines functionality with design and creates a harmonious overall picture. The sound-absorbing LobiSILENT floorboards provide an optimal acoustics in each room without compromising its aesthetics. Floor, wall and ceiling form a unity and thus convey peace and security.

Wall cladding and ceiling cladding

Wall cladding

Wall cladding

Ceiling cladding

The accomplished fusion of acoustics and visual appearance

In every room (from restaurants, to offices, hotel rooms, private lodgings, bars, from schools, to sport and multi-purpose halls), acoustics play an important role for the wellbeing and health of every human being. Our new, finely perforated LobiSILENT board can be assembled as a wall and/or ceiling cladding matching the installed floor.

Thanks to the acoustic fleece and an aligned lacuna, it has the high capacity to absorb acoustic noise especially in the frequency range of the human voice.


Find the corresponding sound absorption coefficient attached in the diagrams... 



Experience wellbeing and indulge in the pleasant and calming room acoustics with LobiSILENT. Walls and floors created from the same material ensure a uniform appearance, although remotely applied it can attain a major result in noise absorption.

Silent rooms with pleasantly cushioned sound levels stimulate a harmonious living together and improve the quality of life.


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