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LobiSTIL, wood floor, floors, oak, santner, brushed, natural oiled
Oak Santner Spitz Spirit

High-quality design from nature

LobiSTIL high-quality natural wood floorboards stress the form of the tree and offer a particularly impressive range of widths and diminishing lengths. Different formats give a special ambience to rooms and we can therefore also meet special requirements in terms of colour, choice, length and width, in addition to our standard designs.

Elm, floor, wood floor, indoors, natural oiled, wood
Elm Kronberg Spirit

Individuality with style

We work with local varieties of wood – such as larch, walnut, cherry, apple, chestnut, oak, ash, elm, olive and pine – as well as offering you the possibility of designing a fine, durable living area from your own wood. The carefully crafted manufacture of these distinctive products ensures each LobiSTIL floor is truly unique, a genuine delight for all design-conscious individualists.

In addition, all materials used in production are sustainably sourced

Lobis, floors, wood floors, south tyrol, factory, production, supplier, wood

Factory LobiSTIL

Our enterprise is marked at each step by our great passion for wood and our love and respect for nature. We enjoy working with wood and handle the raw wood we choose with care, from selection to processing. We design unique floorings with a feeling for variety and a creative enthusiasm, and we can meet the individual desires of our customers. The result is incomparable – a joy for all who share our passion and love for wood.

Zur Manufaktur

Elm, floors, wood floors, wood, ceiling
Elm Kronberg Spirit - wall covering

High-quality total solutions

Smooth flooring on stairs provides an optical delight. Taking “every flooring has its staircase” as our motto, we can provide stairs with elegant floorboards to establish a high-quality, uniform flooring effect. We can also ensure the harmonious transition from the wooden flooring to the wall: our elegant Alpin skirting, made directly from the same wood as the respective flooring, provides a perfect match.

Lobis, floors, wood floor, wood, south tyrol, cherry, cherry tree
Cherry Seekofel Spirit


LobiSTIL natural wood floorboards are not just beautiful to look at: they also offer excellent stability and longevity. The 4-mm top layer means that the flooring can be sanded off several times and will thus not need replacing for many years. Like our country-house floorboards, LobiSTIL products are also suitable for under-floor heating.

LobiSTIL, elm, wood floor, floor, wood, indoors, south tyrol
Elm Matterhorn Spirit

High-quality ease of maintenance

Our oiled LobiSTIL natural wood floorboards are practical and easy to care for: they can brushed or vacuumed, as well as wiped with a little water and suitable detergents. Oiled surfaces have another practical aspect: minor scratches and indents can easily be removed to ensure working is simple, economical and dust-free.

Lobistil, alpine skirting, wood, wood floor, south tyrol, bozen, supplier
Lobistil, alpine skirting, wood, wood floor, south tyrol, bozen, supplier
Lobistil, alpine skirting, wood, wood floor, south tyrol, bozen, supplier
Lobistil, alpine skirting, wood, wood floor, south tyrol, bozen, supplier

Elm alpine skirting

Oak alpine skirting

Oak alpine skirting

Elm alpine skirting

Alpin skirting

Looking for a harmonious transition from your LobiSTIL flooring to the wall? Elegant Alpin skirting provides a perfect image in the room as it is manufactured directly from the wood used for the floor.