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Tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, bathroom, indoors
Porcelain stonware - bathroom

Functionality and aesthetics

Whether marble, granite or ceramic, LobiSTONE is a natural material, which is timeless, trendy and brings a touch of naturalness into every living space. The huge variety of sizes, sorts, colors and nuances open up unimagined possibilities. Your rooms will appear in a completely new light. The unique design of our LobiSTONE assigns each floor a personal character and a noble flair. LobiSTONE is used in many different areas and enjoys great popularity both in the indoor- as well as in the outdoor area.

Tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, bathroom, indoors
Porcelain stoneware

Ideal living spaces

In our “stone lounge”, you can admire a huge variety of wall coverings and floors as well as copious tile collections “made in Italy”. The broad range of colors, which range from subtle to pastel-coloured tones, to more vibrant and lively tones, leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Different formats, versatile surfaces along with diverse patterns provide rooms with the highest design standards in addition to style and personality. Whether shiny or matt surfaces, geometric, linear, floral or romantic patterns, LobiSTONE porcelain stoneware meets everyone’s needs due to its refined aesthetics and stylish design.

Tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, swimming pool, indoors
Porcelain stonware - swimming pool

The constant that always fits

No matter which location, whether at the beach or in the middle of a mountain scenery, LobiSTONE is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Our LobiSTONE harmonizes elegantly with the other elements of your outdoor area and can be combined in many different ways.

Tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, terrace, outdoors
Porcelain stoneware - terrace

An oasis of well-being

LobiSTONE is also perfectly suitable for outdoor areas. Tiled terraces are very easy to maintain, robust, durable and offer a high usage comfort. Since LobiSTONE is characterized by a high degree of steadiness, it is also non-slip when wet and ensures a safe stand. Due to its low water absorption, the LobiSTONE terrace is extremely frost-resistant. The key to a permanently beautiful terrace is its correct laying. LobiSTONE-terraces are particularly popular as the colors of the tiles remain unchanged over time.

Tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, spa, wellness, indoors
Porcelain stoneware - wellness spa

Where dreams are not foams...

The spa area is a place of relaxation and well-being. This is not only due to the corresponding room atmosphere and design, but also to the building physics of the stoneware. The stoneware resists heat, humid air and water, and at the same time has a number of hygienic properties that make sure it is the ideal fl ooring for wellness areas. It is characterized by its slip- and chemical resistance. The wide selection of fi ne stoneware allows a seamless transition to the design of your rooms, leaving many possibilities to being creative.